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Today, like it or not, there is a marriage 
between legal and technology issues.  And litigants have a duty to request and disclose responsive electronic evidence in their cases.  Whether cases are large or small, or whether you are a sole practitioner, pro se litigant, or member of a large firm, discovery issues relating to electronically stored information ("ESI") will have to be addressed and resolved.


Our mission is to play the role of a social change agent to empower consumers through the use of applying the EDRM, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, the industry standard.

There are several compelling reasons why it is necessary for consumers to understand electronic evidence:

1. Requesting ESI is mandatory since organizations and individuals today generate and store documents and oftentimes they are not printed out.

2. Understanding what and where ESI is located on a parties system will enable you to negotiate favorably and lower the cost of disclosure significantly. 

3. Folks who have taken the time to understand electronic discovery realize that even the threat of electronic discovery against an uneducated and unprepared opposing party provides a powerful negotiating tool.

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So please, relieve yourself of that burden of uncertainty and give yourself some peace of mind knowing that you have professionals skilled in the field of electronic data discovery to aid and assist in uncovering electronic evidence

Available for eDiscovery  Project Management training for stock market research, investing, portfolio building, equity investing, civil and criminal cases.

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