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Today, over 99% of all documents are created and stored electronically.  Litigants have a duty to request and disclose responsive electronic evidence in their cases, whether the cases are large or small, or whether you are a solo practitioner, paralegal in a large firm, or pro se litigant.  Discovery issues relating to electronically stored information (ESI) will have to be addressed at some point during the litigation process.


Our mission is to play the role of a social change agent to empower consumers through the use uncovering electronically stored information (ESI) to resolve conflict.  Documentary evidence, whether in paper or electronic format, has always been and will always be compelling in civil or criminal cases.  Our mission is to inform folks who may be experiencing a consumer debt crisis, homeowners who may be going through foreclosure, or individuals experiencing wrongful termination, personal injury, or financial arbitration, the role that uncovering ESI will play in facilitating a resolution to your crisis.

eDiscovery Solutions, Inc. has a lot to offer.  We keep you informed of legal and technology issues with an  Internet Radio Show, seminars, webinars, a series of E-Discovery Nuts and Bolts e-books for foreclosure resolution, consumer debt, wrongful termination, personal injury, financial arbitration, healthcare professionals, medical debt solutions, and the development of litigation readiness programs.  We will hold your hand and guide you along the EDRM, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, the industry standard. 

You’re always welcome here. Tune in and chat with us on Internet Radio at www.blogtalkradio.com/e-discoverynutsandbolts. We’re really looking forward to it!

So please, relieve yourself of that burden of uncertainty and give yourself some peace of mind knowing that you have professionals skilled in the field of Electronic Data Discovery  that will guide and consult with you in efforts to reach a resolution to your "crisis of the day."

eDiscovery Solutions, Inc. is a multi-jurisdictional eDiscovery Project Management company with a focus on E-Discovery Project Management, Consultation, and development of Litigation Readiness Programs.

Member: American Bar Association; National Association for Certified Mediators; International Bar Association; Law Society of England and Wales; Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School Alumni; Bryan University E-Discovery Project Management Alumni.

Available for eDiscovery Training, Consultation, and development of Litigation Readiness Programs.

Contact:  Anthony Johnson  
Phone: 888-502-0586
Email: ajohnson@ediscoverynow.net

*AARP members will enjoy a 25% discount on our products and services.  AARP Members that are disabled or receive a fixed income will enjoy a 50% discount on all services.